IF YOU LIKE SOUL FOOD YOU HAVE GOT TO GET A DINNER FROM A SIMPLY STUNNING EVENT!!! When I tell you they are up there with Morrison's and Mac Arthurs I'm not lying. Trust me, I know good food (obviously, lol) and it is the bomb. They have both Mac Arthurs and Morrisons beat on the greens and dressing; hands down!! They make the best. You can click on the link and place an order. They deliver to offices for lunch, u have to ask them about minimum order for delivery to your house.

Your dinners are consistently DELICIOUS!! I am a very tough critic, but I never have any complaints. I really wish you all would open a restaurant so that I could eliminate grocery shopping and cooking out of my life! I now have a reason to love Fridays!!!
Trudy H

Ron B

Min Alfonso S

The food was delicious! I enjoyed everything I ate. The set up was beautiful. Keep up the good work!
Elaine G

"The presentation, service, care and attention received from Veronica and the Simply Stunning Event team is always top notch. The food and desserts were pleasing to the eye and palate. Hats Off to Veronica and team for a job well done!!!!!"
Tonya L

The service that Veronica provided to me for our catered event was "Wonderful". The food was delicious, service excellent and her staff was very courteous and professional. Thanks Veronica
Deliverance Manor S.

We would like to express our appreciation to Veronica and her team at A
Simply Stunning Event for their positive attitude and commitment to
serving our clients (1600 MONTHLY) both breakfast and lunch daily for 6

Planning the menu for our clinic with you was so very easy. I have planned
many large events in my corporate career and this, by far, was the most
seamless effort I have experienced. You demonstrated creativity, great
listening skills and the ability to make changes at our whims. All of this
was really appreciated.

I would recommend you and your team to anyone planning an event. Your
professionalism, attention to detail, and delicious food made us look
Jeelani B
Pilsen Clinic

"I was so very pleased with the service in the concern of the The caterers everything went well the cooks was satisfied with it and I really appreciate that you taking the time to work with us prior to the event and I definitely will recommend you"
Ethel Granderson E

I hired Simply Stunning Events to cater my wedding rehearsal dinner at my home. I had about 25 guests and called Veronica about 2 weeks before desperate to find a caterer as I had waited so long to figure that part out. At the time I didn't realize that Veronica lived about an hour from me. She told me that she wasn't sure it was a good idea because she didn't want the food to be cold by the time she got it to me. We continued to chat a bit about what I was looking for even after she declined the job. And for some reason she stopped and said you know what let me see what I can do. I will give you a call on Monday. I was so grateful that she would even consider it given the distance. She called me on Monday and agreed to do it.

Because we were having a Mardi Gras theme, with deep fried fish, she suggested that she cook the fish at my house so that it wouldn't be cold. At first I was concerned that the house would smell like fish but she said she would do it in the back yard. We finalized a menu and on the day of the event she arrived right on schedule and began to set up and cook. Of course that day it rained so the backyard was a no go. We improvised and cooked in the garage and it worked out just fine. Within 2 hours the food was done, my kitchen was clean, and my guests started to arrive just as Veronica and her daughter were leaving.

All the food was amazing and my guests were raving about the Gumbo and Jambalaya. The Strawberry Fields salad was fresh, the pasta Mardi Gras was perfect for my vegetarian guests, and the fish was the best I've ever had.

Veronica was very prompt, professional, and accommodating. I spent a little more than I expected but with the amount of food we had, and the cost of travel I could not complain one bit. She is totally worth the money. She was a joy to work with and I would absolutely call her again to cater an event."
Nikki S

There is nothing that needed to be improved. Veronica far exceeded my expectations. She turned my living room into a five star restaurant. The ambiance was intimate, romantic, and simply stunning. The food was tasty. The presentation was inviting and delivered well. The waitstaff and Veronica were welcoming and friendly.I would employ her services again and recommend her others.
Rev. Wanda J.

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