Do you offer healthy boxed lunch options for schools?
Absolutely. Many schools in the Burnham area are turning to A Smiply Stunning Event for the gamut of nutritional boxed lunches we offer. We feel that it is extremely important that students are provided with fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, and grains during the school day. A well-balanced meal gives them the energy they need to keep them focused throughout the day. Our boxed lunches also help students learn how to make healthy menu choices. All of our boxed lunches are designed to please the discerning pallet of an elementary student and wholesome enough to meet the appetite of a high school athlete.

But aren't nutritious boxed lunches expensive?
Since the day A Smiply Stunning Event was established, we have always made our clients' budget one of our primary concerns. It is a sad truth that in most cases healthy options are more expensive than unhealthy options - both in grocery stores and in restaurants. So many schools have to turn down nutritious meals simply because they can't afford them. For this reason, we do our best to keep our prices affordable and competitive without compromising the quality of food being served.

Are the boxed lunches delivered to my place of work?
Yes. One of our courteous staff members will work with you to implement an ordering and delivery schedule that is designed to suit your company's specific needs. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, we want to ensure that every order we deliver is of the highest quality, meaning the bread is just-out-the-oven soft, the meat is freshly sliced, and the fruit and vegetables have that just picked snap and flavor.

Can you deliver boxed lunches to residential homes?
As long as the minimum order of boxed lunches is satisfied and as long as your home is in our delivery zone, we are more than happy to deliver our boxed lunches to your residence.

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